Deene Morris, MA, CPCC, PCC

Executive Leadership Coaching | Reinvigorating Senior Teams & Cultures 

1-2023 LI

Leadership is a Vocation, Not a Job

Leadership is primarily a relationship - first and foremost between you and your inner self, and then between you and others.

In Leadership, everything belongs.

Chaos, uncertainty, disruption, transition, transformation, fulfillment, and reward are all integral to realizing a shared vision.

I partner with leaders and emerging leaders who want to serve as a first among equals. They are sincere, self-aware, and dedicated to their growth and to cultivating the potential and growth of their people.

They create cultures of continuous positive and constructive feedback, trust, and risk-taking. They are the creators of culture and model the way forward for others to stretch, grow and learn. As a result, they inspire a collective purpose, passion, and action that propels everyone forward toward greater success, reward and fulfillment.


Purpose |  Passion |  Action

Living a Congruent Life

Emotional Intelligence

Psychological Safety

Aligning Professional Success with Personal Fulfillment & Well-Being

*Do you want more time and energy to pursue your passions while learning how to empower others to do the same?

*Would you like to better leverage your unique leadership style?

*Are you seeking to have your teams collaborate and problem-solve energetically without constant oversight?

*Would you like to sustain a high-performing culture with greater ease, confidence, and conviction?

I partner with non-profit leaders, senior teams, emerging entrepreneurial leaders, boards of directors, and K-12 administrators to help them achieve these goals and unleash their collective and positive potential.


Executive Leadership Coaching  



Senior Team & Team Coaching 



Culture Transformation



Deene models compassionate and effective communication between team members. She truly listens to understand and fosters a learning environment of curiosity, trust, and problem-solving. She provided communication, values and strategic plan workshops and helps leadership to celebrate all that is working well and to identify where there are opportunities for growth. She has also supported the board and executive director partnership, strengthening our clarity in roles and collaborative engagement. Woven throughout Deene’s method are lightheartedness and fun. All this work together generates optimal performance for the entire organization.

Rebecca Amuso Wendell, RN, Executive Director, Riverbrook Residence, Inc

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