Deene Morris, MA, ACC

Leadership, Team & Culture Coaching and Facilitation

Deene Morris, CECC, MAOL

Leadership is a Vocation, Not a Job

Leadership is a relationship – first and foremost between you and your inner life, and then between you and others.

In leadership, everything belongs.

Chaos, uncertainty, disruption, transition, transformation, fulfillment and reward, it's all part of the path we walk together.

Great leaders serve as a first among equals, and are genuine, self-aware, and committed to their continued growth. They create cultures of continuous feedback, trust, and risk-taking. They know that teams and cultures don’t change – people do.

Leadership is the practice of courage walking - integrating our identity with our integrity in order to evoke the vision and potential in others. Transformational opportunities await you, your organization and your team. Embrace the possibilities and inspire leadership today!

Thriving Systems

Employee Potential

Innovative Teams

Culture  Actualization

Be the Catalyst for Meaningful Change™

I partner with leaders, emerging leaders, managers, teams, groups, administrators, school systems and non-profit boards to evoke transformation by aligning purpose, passion and action. I bring decades of leadership experience and education to my clients.


Leadership Engagement 



Team Experience  



Culture Enhancement  



Deene Morris is an insightful leadership coach and facilitator! We started with our administrative team and continued with the Board of Education to understand their own communication, motivation and leadership styles as well as their colleagues. We’ve now created an EQ Academy for our educators who enthusiastically embrace this learning and are integrating the awareness into their classrooms. Learning is contagious and spreading wide and deep.
Kevin D. Case, Superintendent

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