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Deene Morris, CECC, MAOL
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Your Best Question Just Might Be a “Dumb” One

By Deene Morris | September 17, 2023

Simple questions are powerful questions because they are open-ended and therefore invite introspection. They generally begin with what or how, and can not be answered with a yes or no. They lead to greater exploration and internal digging. They lead to insights and possibilities. They invite others to look within or to the future.

How to Make New Habits Flourish: Use More Crayon Colors

By Deene Morris | September 5, 2023

Do your habits sometimes feel stuck to you like epoxy glue? Like you have little choice to change them? When the tried and true methods of changing a habit don’t work, imagine your emotions like a big box of crayons, and color your way into new possibilities.

Finding Refreshment in Failure

By Deene Morris | September 5, 2023

When we are in an environment of psychological safety, we are empowered to create a reciprocal commitment by modeling our own vulnerability through a fail-forward communication exchange. And it is entirely refreshing!

From Dissonance to Resonance: Belly-Up Values Fulfillment

By Deene Morris | September 5, 2023

Following our values guarantees we will rock the boat – our own and others. It’s a path of choosing resonance over dissonance, over and over again. It isn’t a destination but rather a state of being in the moment. And as we continue to choose our values, we deepen our fulfillment, purpose and passion.

On Top of Spaghetti All Covered with Cheese: E-Motions in Motion Feel Just Like the Breeze.

By Deene Morris | August 3, 2023

Our emotions actually have the ability to shift and release with far more fluidly than we realize. After 90-seconds, any lingering emotional response becomes our choice to stay in the emotional loop. Here’s an exercise to be curiously present to the moment.

Kayaking Backwards: When We Want More than Our Limiting Beliefs

By Deene Morris | June 14, 2023

What feels backward is often the way forward. Limiting beliefs are loaded with unpleasant emotions; yet, those very emotions have essential data regarding what you, in fact, DO want.

When Flyers Fly: Listening into Liminal Spaces

By Deene Morris | June 14, 2023

Transformation happens more frequently not when something new begins, but rather when something old falls apart. Listening into the liminal spaces, where the past is gone and the future is yet to be, is a messy middle that offers tremendous possibilities for leadership and teams.

The Magic of Being Cluelessly Curious

By Deene Morris | June 14, 2023

To create cultures of psychological safety, we need to model the way with our own curiosity and even cluelessness to inspire inclusion and innovation in others.

Perfection is Crooked: What’s Happens Between the Spaces for You?

By Deene Morris | June 14, 2023

I have a crooked pointer finger. It’s ugly and it embarrasses me (hurts, too). I use my hands expressively, and when I gesture to point, the line of sight isn’t straight at all but rather sharply curved inward.So, what’s the point of making a point?Or, is the point that perfection is crooked? That the path …

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