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EQ Delivers Your IQ

By Deene Morris | February 20, 2021

EQ delivers your IQ skills, knowledge and competence. If your EQ is underdeveloped, you are not delivering up to your value.

Dropping the Knife of Judgment

By Deene Morris | November 17, 2020

How do we drop the knives of judgment to create footholds of vulnerability and problem-solving, one neighbor, one person at a time?

#Microjoy to Engage Optimism

By Deene Morris | October 29, 2020

When optimism and joy are in short supply, it\’s time to engage #microjoy to strengthen our resilience.

How to Be Safe – Really

By Deene Morris | October 5, 2020

Ignoring Inclusion Safety is as deadly and negatively contagious as any pandemic. We need hand, head and heart all engaged for collaborative problem solving and solutions.

Keep Validation in Your Medicine Cabinet

By Deene Morris | July 22, 2020

Validation is a maximum-effect-with-minimum-effort emotional intelligence practice that increases engagement and COVID Brain relief.

My Encounter with a Toad: A Personal Path to Inclusion

By Deene Morris | June 4, 2020

Projection is our fast track to polarization and exclusion. When we’re alienated from what is within us, we will attempt to control and subjugate what is without.

Don\’t Be Fine: Your Team Needs You!

By Deene Morris | June 1, 2020

Fine is a word devoid of the emotional connection that is essential to professional success. Here are practical tips to invite greater engagement in your team meetings.

Dear Team: Don\’t Fence Me In!

By Deene Morris | June 1, 2020

How Essential Motivator (Temperament) Theory helps us recognize our core psychological needs, values and talents, and better leverage our differences together.

Stay Strong! Show Your Emotions

By Deene Morris | May 18, 2020

In chronic uncertainty, stay strong and carry on means to engage your emotions and emotional intelligence.

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