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Deene Morris, CECC, MAOL

Lead with Your Longing

By Deene Morris | January 15, 2020

What compelling, impossible longing is calling you right now? Longing often blooms in the place where we just don\’t know and have to relinquish control.

The Should-Less Option

By Deene Morris | December 17, 2019

When something really throws you off your schedule, do you overreact—even catastrophize—the simplest things? This is a moment that begs for flexibility, an essential EQ skill.

Two Rational Approaches to Decision Making

By Deene Morris | November 13, 2019

Where do you go FIRST in your decision making? Thinking or Feeling. Both are rational and both are essential for successful leadership.

Driven: To Meaningful Work and Play

By Deene Morris | October 31, 2019

How do you stretch and grow, and create meaningful goals in your work and play for your personal betterment and fulfillment?

Are You Plenty Empathetic in Plenty of Ways?

By Deene Morris | October 10, 2019

Nothing will shut down success like a lack of empathy. It’s one of the most powerful and misunderstood emotional intelligence skills.

To Influence and Persuade

By Deene Morris | September 19, 2019

All requests move along a continuum of two opposites: Directing or Informing. We generally have a preference for one or the other, and the implications are significant.

Permanent Whitewater & The Skylight: Meet Me on the Roof?

By Deene Morris | September 5, 2019

Management consultant Peter Vaill calls it permanent whitewater. There’s no sense of an anchor or safe harbor on the shores. But we need a reprieve.

Building Resilience? Here\’s a Bright Idea!

By Deene Morris | August 29, 2019

Within resiliency resides optimism. It\’s a primary and necessary skill. When it\’s in short supply, here\’s a concrete suggestion of what to do.

Find Your Dish Pit: For Growth and Fulfillment

By Deene Morris | August 6, 2019

To begin again, anywhere, anyhow, begin by doing the dishes. Find that unglamorous, uncomfortable, and yet radically illuminating place that’s calling you right now.

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