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Deene Morris, CECC, MAOL

To Influence and Persuade

By Deene Morris | September 19, 2019

All requests move along a continuum of two opposites: Directing or Informing. We generally have a preference for one or the other, and the implications are significant.

Permanent Whitewater & The Skylight: Meet Me on the Roof?

By Deene Morris | September 5, 2019

Management consultant Peter Vaill calls it permanent whitewater. There’s no sense of an anchor or safe harbor on the shores. But we need a reprieve.

Building Resilience? Here\’s a Bright Idea!

By Deene Morris | August 29, 2019

Within resiliency resides optimism. It\’s a primary and necessary skill. When it\’s in short supply, here\’s a concrete suggestion of what to do.

Find Your Dish Pit: For Growth and Fulfillment

By Deene Morris | August 6, 2019

To begin again, anywhere, anyhow, begin by doing the dishes. Find that unglamorous, uncomfortable, and yet radically illuminating place that’s calling you right now.

Dogs and Safety: What\’s True for Them is True for You

By Deene Morris | July 25, 2019

From a tech giant like Google to team mates to dogs, Psychological Safety is at the core of all our success and is the only way to move positive change forward.

Before You Fire Him: Try This First!

By Deene Morris | June 3, 2019

How to move a difficult conversation away from pointing blame to one that is respectful and holds potential for a positive outcome.

Are You a Generous Listener?

By Deene Morris | June 3, 2019

The purpose of all listening is to move things forward. And it\’s possible to build trust in under 2 minutes. Read more here, and then give it a try today.

The Contagious Wave

By Deene Morris | May 6, 2019

Ever yawn when someone else yawns? Laugh because someone else is laughing? That’s your mirror neurons allowing you to literally feel what others are feeling.

How\’s Your Daily Grind?

By Deene Morris | April 21, 2019

Are you burning out from your daily grind? Shaping shifting to someone else\’s dreams without regard for your core motivational needs?

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