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Deene Morris, CECC, MAOL

Beyond Grit: How We Grow Into a Pearl

By Deene Morris | February 28, 2019

Resiliency blossoms within meaningful relationships. Often the next best step isn\’t to to solider forward but rather to take a risk and talk to someone.

Leadership & Hospitality: Welcome Stranger is Guest

By Deene Morris | February 13, 2019

Leadership necessitates the practice of hospitality, welcoming the stranger and our vast differences, as guests at our table. This is how we unleash creativity and problem solving.

Baked or Half-Baked Cake?

By Deene Morris | February 8, 2019

A cake goes a long way in explaining introversion and extraversion in communication. How we compliment – and aggravate – one another.

Feedback: The Most Undervalued EQ Skill

By Deene Morris | May 8, 2018

Feedback is your gift of data to your team, and is directly tied to psychological safety. It’s also grossly misunderstood, undervalued and underutilized.

Your Values Statement: From Dartboard to Directional Guide

By Deene Morris | May 4, 2018

A Values Statement should work hard for you. It\’s your lighthouse in the storm and your compass pointing to True North.

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