Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs at Work

Meeting Employee Basic, Psychological and Growth Needs

Maslow Certified Executive Culture Coach

In our post-COVID era, research reveals a great squeeze in employee needs. What was once assumed as psychological needs, such as inclusion, belonging, friendship and collaboration, is now considered to be basic and foundational needs. This shift creates an accelerated squeeze to strengthen these basic needs while also identifying the behaviors employees need from their leaders and managers to thrive.

Most leaders are highly skilled in operations and strategy, less so in coaching, mentoring and culture. By integrating the language of needs and actualization into a culture, leaders have specific data to positively impact culture and help employees work towards their potential.

I am a Certified Executive Culture Coach with Maslow Leadership and provide three levels of culture coaching.

North Star

I provide purpose, vision and values workshops and retreats with organizations and boards. Clients are regularly surprised and delighted by the cohesiveness created by this collaborative engagement.


I provide facilitated workshops engaging the Maslow Culture Levers to identify the spokes in the operational wheel that are turning effectively and the areas of growth opportunity. This workshop can provide a jump-start to strategic planning, systems or board effectiveness.

The Culture Actualization Index (CAI) is a powerful tool that measures employee experience at three levels and serves as a stand-alone or as a complement to your employee engagement surveys.

  • Basic needs, which the organization fulfills
  • Psychological and belonging needs, fostered by colleagues
  • Growth needs, clarifying the role of the leader in actualizing culture and employee potential

The survey is followed by facilitated sessions to identify a culture actualization plan with implementation in a 6-12 month time frame engaging coaching and team facilitation.

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