MBTI and Psychological Type

Enable personalized development, support agile leadership, identify and understand cognitive dynamics, make better decisions

MBTI Master Practitioner

What is Psychological Type, Commonly Known as Personality Type?

Many people are familiar with the popularized 4-letter type. But this is just the beginning of the deep insights provided into our energy orientation in the world, preferred cognitive style to take in information and make decisions along with our cognitive biases, blind spots, stress triggers and stress solutions.

I use the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI®) assessment as a first step in our exploration together. It is different from most assessments as it is not a trait-based measurement tool, nor does not predict what we will do well or how we will perform in a job. Clients find this assessment a relief, a validation, an affirmation, and a roadmap for fulfillment and stress management.


  • Leverage team strengths and identify potential blind spots
  • Leverage individual strengths and identify blind spots and stress triggers
  • Communicate effectively in challenging situations
  • Understand how different perspectives strengthen outcomes
  • Reduce conflict by applying an objective, rational framework
  • Enhance positive organizational character and culture
  • Gain insight into the fit between people and their jobs
  • Nurture and retain top talent
  • Create an environment of mutual respect and trust
  • Develop leadership at every level
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