The 4 Stages of Psychological Safety™

Enviroments of Rewarded Vulnerability

The 4 Stages of Psychological Safety is a roadmap for individuals and organizations to achieve and maintain high levels of inclusion and innovation. When leaders, teams, organizations, boards, schools – any social unit – pass through these four stages they become deeply inclusive cultures, with accelerated learning, contributions, and innovative problem-solving.

I am a certified 4 Stages of Psychological Safety practitioner. I coach, consult, speak and teach (adjunct faculty, graduate level ) on this practice.

It's Not Expenive to be Yourself

Psychological safety is the defining factor in team performance and is an environment of high-respect and high-permission to contribute – a zone of rewarded risk and vulnerability, where it is not expensive to be yourself.

The 4 Stages of Psychological Safety™ Survey

Psychological Safety has four stages and all teams possess some level based on a combination of 1) respect and 2) permission to participate as perceived by the members of the team.

  • Stage 1: You feel included, accepted, and part of the team
  • Stage 2: You feel safe to engage, ask questions, give and receive feedback
  • Stage 3: Your feel free and able to contribute, using your skills, talents and abilities to make a meaningful difference
  • Stage 4: You feel free and able to challenge the status quo –without the fear of being embarrassed, marginalized or punished in some way.

High-Intellectual Friction, Low-Social Friction

This survey provides insights into where the culture flourishes with rewarded vulnerability and where it may suffer with pockets of punished vulnerability. The survey concludes with a concrete action plan that identifies where your team is in its stage of development. The survey is followed by facilitated sessions to identify a psychological safety implementation plan in a 6-12 month time frame engaging coaching and team facilitation.

The leader is always the cultural architect. ~ Timothy R. Clark, The 4 Stages of Psychological Safety  

Certifications and Trainings

I bring to client engagements the skills honed through my Master's in Organizational Leadership including conflict resolution, creative solutions, decision-making, foresight, leading change, negotiation and team building. Additionally, I created an experiential online course in psychological safety and teach this course in a Master of Organizational Psychology program. Additional education in psychological safety includes:

The Four Stages of Psychological Safety
International Coaching Federation Member

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