Executive Director and Board Partnerships

Everyone Has a Share in Building Trust

The Board and Executive Director partnership is built upon trust and collaboration. When successful, it can be an alliance that propels the organization forward. However, without attention and clarity in purpose and roles, it can be equally destructive for all involved.

Different Roles

The role of the board is governance, high-level oversight and a commitment to attract and develop current and future board members. When boards become stuck in monitoring activities, they miss their opportunity to clarify why the organization exists and how to articulate a clear and compelling purpose that resonates with all stakeholders. The role is the board is to partner with staff and to stay out of execution and operations.

In contrast, the role of the executive director and management is to lead and manage staff, develop future staff leaders and ensure the outcomes of programs and objectives are met. Staff commitments to accountable reporting, clear measurables, board stewardship and a high level of accountability.

Shared Goals

When board and staff know their roles and stay in their lane, a powerful support system emerges with the shared tasks of mutual respect, trust and support, reciprocal communication, shared purpose and mission-value-driven programs. When this partnership clicks, no obstacles are insurmountable and multiple perspectives collaboratively problem-solve together. The cohesiveness is palpable and the energy attracts new board and staff talent.

My Clients

I work with K-12 school boards and superintendents, and non-profit executive directors, senior teams and their boards. I provide mission, vision and value retreats for staff and board and will pair this with strategic plans.

It is one thing to carry a trustee role as an individual. It is quite another to function effectively as part of a group process. ~ Robert Greenleaf on Servant-Leadership and Trustee Responsibility


You were just what the Dr. ordered for us. We wanted to be better and make changes and your guidance was crucial to it actually happening. I really enjoyed working with you.

– Vice Chair, Board of Directors, Non-Profit Organization

Certifications and Training

I bring decades of experience to Executive Director and Board partnerships, serving as executive staff to Boards and also as leadership on Boards. As a former Certified Fundraising Executive (CFRE) I also bring extensive training in best practice and the following:

Maslow Certified Executive Culture Coach
International Coaching Federation Member
The Four Stages of Psychological Safety

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