Executive Leadership Engagement

Leadership: A Journey of Walking as a First Among Equals

Leadership is a journey from the inside out and one of ever-deepening professional and personal fulfillment. It is a merging of identity and integrity, and a path of risk and reward, disruption, failure, transformation, innovation and achievement.

On the journey of leadership, everything belongs. There is no perfect path. In fact, there is no perfection. However, every experience contains kernels of wisdom and opportunity.

Leadership involves embracing what we love and readily welcome in ourselves along with the parts that make us uncomfortable. Through this process of personal accountability and humility, we gain the authenticity to model the way for others.

Leaders create cultures of continuous feedback, trust, and risk-taking. They know that teams and cultures don’t change – people do –  when they are invited to share their full selves to work.

Executive Leadership Coaching & Facilitation

I work with CEOs, administrators, executive directors, emerging leaders and managers to deepen leadership skills and application. My framework includes emotional intelligence, psychological safety and culture actualization.

Leadership Coaching

Deepen Your Purpose, Passion and Possibilities 

Leadership demands perspective at every level, including your current state of being, your future state of becoming and your intentional choice of actions in your daily doing. Leadership coaching provides a safe space to explore the choices you make and how to more fully embrace your creativity and resourcefulness for goal attainment.

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New Leadership Assimilation

Structured Learning to Introduce and Integrate a New Leader into Your Culture

New Leadership Assimilation is a powerful process that integrates new leadership into an existing team by addressing concerns and needs in a non-threatening and supportive way.

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Not surprisingly, the most important influence on psychological safety is the nearest boss. ~ Amy Edmondson 


I can't say enough positive about my time working with Deene. I began our time together feeling good about my professional direction in life but wanting to make incremental improvements. Deene helped me make massive improvements. My positive impact on others as a leader has grown by being more aware of my own strengths, unique motivation style, and even stress management. Highly recommend!

MD, Department Head

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Individual, Team & Culture Assessments and Expertise

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4 Stages of Psychological Safety™

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