Executive Leadership Coaching

Your Purpose - Passion - Action

I offer three separate packages to support your growth and fulfillment:

6-Month Executive Leadership Coaching Package

This package includes a values exploration and utilizes five powerful learning lenses:

  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Psychological Type
  • Psychological Safety
  • Essential Motivator Temperament
  • Communication Styles

Development areas covered include confidence, communication skills, conflict management, motivation, managing burnout, perspective-shifting, resiliency, stress triggers and solutions, and team engagement. Clients move from insight to action by creating a personalized leadership development plan and gaining new skills in their ability to coach and mentor others, a critical competency for organizational success. *12-14 Sessions, generally bi-monthly, with laser support between sessions.

12-Month Executive Leadership Coaching Package

This package includes everything in the 6-month package and delves deeper into team and culture empowerment, motivation and retention, normalizing conflict to find creative solutions, and shifting cultures towards shared learning, collaboration, and growth, and away from comfort, anxiety, or apathy. *24-26 sessions with laser support between sessions.

3-Session Intensive Career & Fulfillment Alignment 

Are you wondering about your career alignment? Is there something more, an ache or a longing that you can't quite define yet? Is something missing in your current career? Do you want more but need help figuring out where to focus? Should you stay in your career or move in a different direction? We will use the MBTI Step II and the Strong Inventory Assessment to provide you with more data and validation regarding the alignment of your personality, interests, and strengths to find greater fulfillment and happiness. *3 Sessions: 2-90-minute, 1-60 minute

Would you like to explore more? Let's connect for a discovery session to see if we are a fit together!


Awareness is not a giver of solace—it is just the opposite. It is a disturber and an awakened. Able leaders are usually sharply awake and reasonably disturbed. They are not seekers after solace, they have their own inner serenity. ~ Robert Greenleaf, Founder of the Servant-Leaderrship Movement 


It is quite nice to be getting closer to my congruent life. I want to sincerely thank you for helping me get here.

– S.M. Mental Health

Certifications and Trainings

I bring to client engagements the skills honed through my Master's in Organizational Leadership including conflict resolution, creative solutions, decision-making, foresight, leading change, negotiation and team building. I am an ICF credentialed coach (ACC) and a Co-Active Training Institute trained coach. Additional education in leadership coaching includes:

EQ-i Certified
Berens Core Approach
International Coaching Federation Member
The Four Stages of Psychological Safety
MBTI Master Practitioner

Let's Connect

Let's connect for more information about executive leadership, team, and culture coaching or for a 30-minute exploratory discovery call - let's connect!

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  • Onsite New England & New York State

  • Online Nationally

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