New Leadership Assimilation

Build Trust, Accelerate Learning, Sustain Success

New Leadership Assimilation is a non-threatening way to explore and determine answers regarding the structure of the new team and how to work together. It is an interactive, facilitated process that accelerates learning, provides early roots for trust and clarity and positions a team for sustained success. Benefits include:

  • Enhance the existing team’s understanding of the new leader’s expectations
  • Enhance the new leader’s knowledge and awareness of the existing team’s needs and expectations
  • Identify and clarify potential issues for resolution
  • Improve collaborative teamwork – foster understanding and camaraderie
  • Develop a Team Charter on how the new team will work together
  • Increase effectiveness through deepened awareness of operational and interpersonal issues

Clients find this process powerfully effective with an outcome that regularly exceeds expectations.

To be creative requires divergent thinking, generating many unique ideas, and then convergent thinking combining those ideas into the best results. ~ Bronson & Merryman, The Creativity Crisis 

Certifications and Trainings

I bring to client engagements the skills honed through my Master's in Organizational Leadership including conflict resolution, creative solutions, decision-making, foresight, leading change, negotiation and team building. I also incorporate the principles of the Co-Active Training Institute. Additional education to support  New Leadership Assimilation includes:

The Four Stages of Psychological Safety
Berens Core Approach
International Coaching Federation Member

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