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The Whole is Greater than the Sum of Its Parts

When a team clicks, it’s an exhilarating experience. There is an infectious positive energy and bottom line. It’s not about any one person or even everyone together.

The team becomes its own entity with a synergy that endlessly feeds, nourishes and enriches itself. There is a fluid, intuitive, higher intelligence as people individually and collectively pursue their purpose and value.

Safe, connected and creative – welcoming candor and spirited debate.

This is the DNA of a thriving team. Yet this cohesive merging of interdependency and autonomy doesn’t happen by accident. Teams are living organisms requiring intention, commitment and a continuous loop of interpersonal learning together.

Team Programs

 I work with leadership teams, departments, management teams, educators and membership groups to strengthen healthy team practices and engage servant-leadership, emotional intelligence and psychological safety.

Co-Creating Thriving Teams

Who Am I? Who Are You? Who Are We Together?

Strong interpersonal skills combined with permission to engage, debate and disagree provide the fertile ground for team engagement and innovation. Teams create this rich environment by understanding and leveraging individual differences in areas including communication, motivation and decision-making styles.

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Conflict and Relationship Coaching

Re-Establishing Emotional Safety and a Collaborative Path Forward

Conflict is often the result of accumulated and small misunderstandings that erodes trust.    Conflict can arise through interpersonal differences or from unresolved task issues that manifest into interpersonal gridlock. In either case, unresolved conflict creates a vice-grip hold on joy, motivation, initiative and collaboration.

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Team Charters

Your North Star Agreement of Collaborative Expertise and Goodwill

Whether you are an existing team, a forming team or a pop-up team, a Team Charter is your unique guide to define the purpose of your team, and how you will collaboratively achieve it.

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Vocation is the place where your deep gladness meets the world's deep needs. ~ Frederick Buechner


Deene models compassionate and effective communication between team members. She truly listens to understand and fosters a learning environment of curiosity, trust, and problem-solving. She provided communication, values and strategic plan workshops and helps leadership to celebrate all that is working well and to identify where there are opportunities for growth. She has also supported the board and executive director partnership, strengthening our clarity in roles and collaborative engagement. Woven throughout Deene’s method are lightheartedness and fun. All this work together generates optimal performance for the entire organization.

Rebecca Amuso Wendell, RN, Executive Director, Riverbrook Residence, Inc.

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Individual, Team & Culture Assessments and Expertise

Maslow Executive Culture Coach

4 Stages of Psychological Safety™

EQ-i2.0 Certified

Professional Certified Coach (PCC)

MBTI Master Practitioner

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InterStrength Self-Discovery Coach

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