Conflict and Appreciative Repair

Rebuilding Trust and Optimism

It's the elephant in the room that makes everyone uncomfortable. 

Yet conflict is a natural part of all communication, and has the potential to provide a doorway to creative discovery and even transformational solutions.

However, when we don't have a shared language and agreement regarding how to resolve differences and needs, relationships will devolve as motivation and collaboration turn into defensive posturing. I engage in a process of Appreciative Repair to interrupt old patterns, create new agreements and promote greater understanding, relief and renewal.

Individual Conflict

Sometimes we simply don’t know how to approach sensitive topics and have courageous conversations. We need a template, norms, and a shared language to respectfully make our needs known through the practice of assertive communication. Appreciative Repair provides the safe space for this exploration and concludes with specific requests on how the other person can better support our needs. To be successful, this process requires that each individual is motivated to learn and grow.

Team Conflict

Team collaboration devolves when there is a lack of clarity between our intention and our impact on others. Assertive Communication provides the pathway through this tunnel to resolution. Assertiveness Communication is our ability to make our needs, thoughts and opinions respectfully known, and increases the options that we will be better heard and understood, as we better understand others.

The most important part of the story is the piece you do not know. ~ Barbara Kingsolver              

Certifications and Trainings

I bring to client engagements the skills honed through my Master's in Organizational Leadership including conflict resolution, creative solutions, decision-making, foresight, leading change, negotiation and team building. I also incorporate the principles of the Co-Active Training Institute.  Additional education in conflict management includes:

EQ-i Certified
Berens Core Approach
International Coaching Federation Member
The Four Stages of Psychological Safety
MBTI Master Practitioner

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