Team Charters

Navigating Permanent White Water

To navigate the permanent whitewater of today's world of volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity, we need collaborative tools and structure. A Team Charter is an essential tool for success.

It provides stability and a collaborative agreement for a team to move forward with clarity and confidence. Typical issues addressed include expectations for participation, delegation, communication, connecting, conduct, conflict, roles and deadlines.

The process of arriving at a Team Charter opens dialogue and resolves hidden areas of conflict. It defines the norms, values, behaviors and structure of the team and ensures buy-in from all members, thus holding all members accountable.

Clients find this to be a deeply rewarding, supportive and practical process -  for existing teams, new teams and even pop-up teams. As a living document, it is used in team meetings, decision making and in courageous conversations. Liberating, invigorating, restorative - these are just some of the words teams use to describe the outcome of this process.

Groups become teams through disciplined action. They shape a common purpose, agree on performance goals, define a common working approach, develop high levels of complementary skills, and hold themselves mutually accountable for results. ~ Katzenback and Smith, The Wisdom of Winning Teams

Certifications and Trainings

I bring to client engagements the skills honed through my Master's in Organizational Leadership including conflict resolution, creative solutions, decision-making, foresight, leading change, negotiation and team building. I also incorporated the principles of the Co-Active Training Institute. Additional education in developing team charters includes:

EQ-i Certified
Berens Core Approach
International Coaching Federation Member
The Four Stages of Psychological Safety
MBTI Master Practitioner

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